Building towards a more just and equitable digital future in Canada

About Us

The Digital Justice Lab is a national organization that engages and collaborates with diverse communities to build alternative digital futures. We work alongside technologists, community activists, and policymakers to shape a better understanding of technology and its impact on communities across the country. Through technology capacity building we support diverse communities in making informed decisions around digital issues, helping build a more just and equitable society here in Canada.

Currently we are based in Toronto.

Who We Are

We are a group of technologist, community organizers, policy wonks and lawyers. The Digital Justice Lab is led by Nasma Ahmed. She is an Open Web Fellow with Mozilla Foundation/Ford Foundation and will be transitioning to the lab full time in June.

Current Advisors to the Digital Justice Lab Bianca Wylie, Ellie Marshall, Simona Ramkisson, Lorraine Chuen, Meghan Hellstern, Lex Gill, and Andrew Do.

What We Do

At the Digital Justice Lab, we see our work as a feedback loop between three pillars. Every pillar is an important piece supporting the process of moving towards a more just and equitable digital society.