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Apply Now to the Digital Rights Community Grant Program

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The Digital Justice Lab, Tech Reset Canada, and The Centre for Digital Rights are offering individuals and community organizations a one-time community microgrant of $1000-3000 for public education on digital rights. This grant funds local projects ranging from the arts to workshops. These initiatives include (but are not limited to) holding an art show, training-based courses, community meetings, booking spaces, or giving yourself a small honouraria for a personal project. Think of anything that’s to your heart’s desire as long as it pertains to a digital space.

We will prioritize the representation and participation of Indigenous people, Black people, people of colour, LGBTQ2 people, people with disabilities, women, young people and seniors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are we looking to support?

 The program grants funds to individuals and community groups (whether formally incorporated or not) to run public education exhibits, events, and other interventions to share resources and information about digital rights. This is an opportunity for individuals and community organizations to interact and engage with digital rights in relation to their neighbourhoods and communities. Target recipients will range from arts groups and artists to cycling advocates to library reading groups to youth groups and urban planners. This program is open to anyone around the country, please don’t hesitate to apply.

Grants are for?

The grant is for anything you need to support your project. From booking space to giving yourself a small honouria for your work. Here is a list of examples of the types of projects you can explore, this list can expand based on your ideas.

●      Workshop

●      Movie Night

●      Physical Art Installation

●      Training

●      Community Meeting

●      Capacity Building Opportunities

●      Art Show

●      Music

●      Theatre Show

●      Public Art Installation

●      Poetry

●      Other ?

What are decisions based on ?

We have laid out a simple guideline that can be found here

If your project is chosen?

If your project is chosen you will be notified up to three weeks after your application is received. As soon as your application is delivered you will get a notification from us, that it was received. When your project is chosen, you will receive a follow up email about the next steps including financials and documentation.

If your project is not chosen, you will receive an email a month after your application is received.

Do you need support writing your application?

We are here to help, if you need any additional supports please let us know. We are down to help you navigate the application process. If you send us an email asking for support please add “support” to the title of your email, except to hear back from us within a week. We will try our best to stay on top of communication, we are a small shop.

Who can apply?
Anyone based in Canada. So what are you waiting for? Go on and apply!

But I have little to no experience writing a grant. Help!
We’re here for you. Just send us an email with the subject title “support” and we’ll get back to you within a week. Keep in mind, we’re a small crew.

When will I hear back?
If we choose your project, you will hear back from us within two weeks of your application.

What is the application deadline?

This is a one-time grant, we will have a rolling deadline until November 9th 2018, all projects will have to be completed by March 2019

Digital rights are the next frontier for human rights advocates. We need more knowledge, in order to be able to have informed conversations and informed engagement on the topic. - Amira Elghawaby Grant Recipient

Digital Right Themes  

Below are the themes we have selected, this is to provide guidance, if your project doesn’t connect with a theme don’t worry about it.


Let’s Talk about Process

  1. Read through the application and see if your idea works.

  2. Work on the application. If you have any questions let us know!

  3. Apply by November 9th 2018 Remember this is a rolling application, if you apply next week you will hear back from us soon!

  4. If you are chosen you will hear back in two weeks

  5. Have fun!

Guidelines for Grant


We want to be transparent about how we will be assessing each grant. Below is the rubric we will be using to score each grant application.

- The objectives established for this project are clear, realistic and designed to navigate

digital rights. _____/20

- The project is well-thought out and clearly described. _____/10

- The project is a collaboration with others for example community members,

organizations etc . _____/15

- Expenditures outlined in the proposal are reasonable and the timeline matches the

deadlines within the grant. _____/15

- The project team/individual includes members that identifies as BIPOC /(Black,

Indigenous, People of Colour). _____/20

- The project builds capacity and resources within the local community. _____/20

Total Points _____/100


Stay Connected with Us

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